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Group blog, whose goal it is to publish critical assessments of recent monographs on Kant, Kantianism, and German Idealism.

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Das Bonner Kant-Korpus

The entire collected works of Immanuel Kant in electronic form maintained by the University of Bonn (in German).

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Digital Archive of 18th Century German Texts

Put together by the Kant Research Group at Western Ontario. Nice work!

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Ethics Updates

Lawrence Hinman's helpful collection of links to work on Kant's ethics at University of San Diego.

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Gary Banham's Kant Links

Helpful compilation of Kant internet resources.

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If Kant were a New York Cyclist

By the NYT's resident "ethicist" Randy Cohen.

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Immanuel Kant Song

"The Transcendental Deduction of the Pure Concepts of Understanding": Music and vocals by Paul L. Fine

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Kant and the Laws of Nature

Lessons from the Physical and Life Sciences of the Eighteenth Century

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Kant Attack Ad

Immanuel Kant: Wrong on metaphysics, wrong on ethics, wrong on aesthetics, wrong for America.

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Kant Book Ad

Opus Posthumum, coming to bookstores this fall.

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Kant Iconography

At the Kant Research Center at Mainz.

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Kant in Project Gutenberg

Several texts by Kant are distributed for free by Project Gutenberg

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Kant Movie Trailer

"KANT: The Motion Picture," coming to noumenal reality this fall.

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Kant on the Web

Stephen Palmquist's now legendary and multi-faceted site at Hong Kong Baptist.

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Kant Quotes

Thanks to David Druhmann for collecting these nuggets.

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Kant T-Shirts

T-Shirts referring to or depicting Kant

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"Kant Touch This" T-Shirt

A tribute to Immanuel Kant with an M.C. Hammer reference.

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German-speaking Kant society.

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Kants naturtheorische Begriffe

Databank of the mentions of important texts, people, and concepts in Kant's texts during the years 1747 - 1780

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Marburg Kant site

Good resources in German here, though the site is rather poorly structured.

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Maxim Poster

Kant's first formulation of the categorical imperative was, "Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law." With that statement, the "Universalizing Maxim" magazine was originated. It is a magazine for fashionable philosophers or dilettantes just looking for kicks. This is a special-issue cover.

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North American Kant Society

Great site recently updated by Pablo Muchnik. Membership includes access to the NAKS Kant Bibliographies.

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PhilPapers is a comprehensive directory of online philosophy articles and books by academic philosophers. It monitors journals in all areas of philosophy, as well as databases and personal pages.

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Société d'Études Kantiennes

French-speaking Kant society.

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The Kant Research Group at the University of Western Ontario

Online Kant resource at University of Western Ontario started by Corey Dyck

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Three Minute Philosophy - Immanuel Kant

Very short animated introduction to Kant's moral philosophy.

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Twelve Days of Kant-mass

On the first day of Kant-mass, Immanuel gave to me...

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UK Kant Society

Resources for Kantians in the British Isles.

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What Happens in the Noumenon...

...stays in the Noumenon.

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Wikisource A-edition Critique

Wikisource version of the 1781 critique, with impressions of the Ak. edition.

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